Sunday, April 9, 2017

LegacyPop/All Things Paper

I follow the blog All Things Paper by paper artist Ann Martin from Delaware.  Ann regularly features other paper artistry on her blog other than her own and this past January she introduced the new venture called LegacyPop by Robert Sabuda and Chuck Fischer who have combined "their artistry with laser technology to create amazing architectural pop-ups".  As an introduction to their new partnership they held a giveaway via Ann's blog and I was one of the winners.  

At the time they were still in the production stages but at the end of March I received my package and was totally blown away.  

You will see here the gliclee print of Highclere Castle featured in the PBS Series Downtown Abbey and the card which features a beautiful laser-cut front.  

I haven't done justice to the beautiful paper that this is created with.  The gold paper has a shimmer to it.  This highly detailed card front is absolutely gorgeous.

And when you open it up, it is even more amazing holding the pop up rendition of the building as well as a write up and more drawings related to the subject.  

The second building - yes there were two - is Thomas Jefferson's Monticello.  The gliclee prints are a wonder in themselves and very frameable.

This blue paper has a shimmer to it also and makes it look so rich.

Not only can you purchase a pop up of a famous building of your choice, you can also have a custom design made of your favorite building.

Thank you LegacyPop.  Your artistry is amazing.  And thank you Ann Martin for sponsoring this giveaway.  Please click on their links above for further information.


  1. What a wonderful prize to have one, Lorraine - lucky you. I have several of Robert Sabuda's books on my shelves downstairs. I can imagine the extra detail that laser cutting lets him add to create such fine architectural pieces as these.

  2. Just the card fronts themselves make my jaw drop. I was lucky!


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