Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Jingle Belles - Recycling II

So I promised another card for the Jingle Belles prompt for Earth Day.  This card is very "Laureny" with all the doilies - she's a great inspiration.  On the blue card base is a panel that is a piece of recycled wrapping from a recent birthday gift.  I love the colors.  Great for any time of the year, but I loved them for Christmas too.  The tag was on the gift that my son, daughter-in-law, and grandson gave me for Christmas.  I was torn whether to reuse this or not, but if I still want to keep it I'll make this HWNSNBP's card. 

A few years back, maybe longer than 10 actually, our form Librarian at school gave me a stack of paper doilies that she inherited from her mother.  I was at least 4" high.  And every now and then I stumble across them.  I say that because I'm still reorganizing things and coming to the conclusion that that will never really happen.

The snowflake sequins, green sequins, and the snowflake button (minus the shank), were in the bottom of my catch-all container on my work space.  They have now found a home.  

Here's a little close-up of the tag so you can see all the sparkle it has.  

So now I must run to get my Scribble Picnic project done to post that tonight.  But when I'm done there I'll definitely be heading back to the Jingle Belles blog to check out all the other Earth Day lovelies.  Click here to join me why dontcha!


  1. Those layered doilies are a fabulous Lauren-y touch ... love how they give the entire design a snowy feel ... thanks again for joining us at jingle belles to celebrate earth day.

  2. Oh wow Lorraine! I truly love this card and how you have used the doilies! I too have a stack of doilies and now I know another way of using them! What a great inspiration this card is! Thanks you:-)
    Sunshine, New Zealand
    P.S. the cable on my camera is broken, which is part of the reason I am not posting anything on my blog:-( Gotta get a new cable soon!

  3. Oh, beautiful! Love the pairing of the doilies with the paisley. It was my last sheet and I nearly sent you the information that came with it, because it came from a book of papers taken from original paisley designs, and it had a little information about each one. It's always great to use up some bits from those catch-all containers :D. The sequins looks great here!

  4. hehehe! i confess i saw the pic and thought, "AHA! i am not the only one who thinks doilies make for AWESOME snowy hills!!!" and then i read the post, lol. but heck, i'm excited that you were inspired by the idea! this is a triumph of both recycling and design! (OF COURSE!!!) thanks for joining our JINGLE BELLES fun once more! <3


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