Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Wrapping Up November

I bought this preprinted coloring calendar to use at school this year.  So far, for the few months that we've been in school, this has been the farthest I've gotten with the actual coloring.  And this was only because I had almost forgotten to do my online safe-schools training courses that were supposed to be done by December 1.  Let's see if the December calendar comes any closer to being done!
I was very touched to received a Spotlight Award this month. This is something new that our district has started this year.  The recipients are nominated by parents, students, or colleagues.  Two of my fellow office co-workers from other schools and I were nominated by a parent from out district for always being so helpful.  We try!

And as we ushered out November, my painting buddies and I had dinner and painted another Christmas canvas.  As you can see (that's me on the far right), I clearly failed the background because you cannot see my hills in the foreground.  So, I will be doctoring this one up a bit.  First, I did already have in mind to add battery operated fairy lights to the pine bough by punching holes through the canvas.  And instead of painting my bows on the tops of the ornaments, I planned on adding real bows.  So...........what to do with that lower right-hand corner.  I'm thinking possibly a partial rooftop??????  A holly bush??????  Part of a snowman's hat???????  Any suggestions?


  1. I'm not surprised you got your time in the spotlight - I know how much you do for your colleagues and I am sure you always do your best for the parents too. That corner...hmm. I like the idea of a holly bush, but then that would be another strong green element which would take away from the pine boughs. So I don't really know what I'd do.

  2. Congratulations - that is wonderful! The painting looks like a fun time . . . and that calendar - LOVE IT!


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