Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cabin Fever Without a Fever - What's Blooming?

So I started off December being sick.  Turned out, after trying to push through it for almost five days, that it's a sinus infection.  Hopefully the antibiotics that I'm on will kill it in 10 days and the rest of the month will be more enjoyable.  

There's nothing like being home from work and feeling too under the weather to do anything.  Or nearly anything.  I could have used those days in so many ways, but my body would just not let me keep going.  So, after being inside the house for 3 days, I took a walk around to capture what is blooming inside.

Several different Christmas cacti in yellow, white, dark pink, and a lighter pink.   I don't know why I continue to call them Christmas cactus because they never seem to be blooming at Christmas.  Always more around Thanksgiving, and that white one is supposed to be an Easter cactus.  Oh well, it's nice to have them all blooming now anyway.

I made this fairy garden out of some succulents that were on a succulent wreath I bought.  All the other succulents on that wreath died, but this particular kind was still thriving so I planted it in a shallow ceramic bowl and added some "fairy" items to it.  The succulents actually are overtaking the fairies at this point I think.  

I have a beautiful cyclamen plant that is fairly new and hope to keep it blooming as long as the last one I got.  Someone gave me a miniature cyclamen at the end of the school year in June and it's only now on it's last flowers unless it manages to bounce back.  

We have several different varieties of Oxalis or what might be called shamrock plants. This one has pink flowers and green and white leaves.

This one has white flowers and green leaves.

And this one has pink flowers with purple leaves.  

One orchid is presently blooming but there are shoots on 5 other plants (that might or might not be ready for Christmas blooming). 

And there are several plants that we brought in from being outdoors this summer.  A begonia, a streptocarpus, and a geranium.  

HWNSNBP has several amaryllis bulbs started, but we never seem to get the timing right on those no matter when we get them going.  And of course, his Black Friday bargain of pointsettias (I limited him to two for home and two for work) that he gets for 99 cents a piece on Black Friday.

These blooming plants are accompanied by other potted succulents and green plants.  And we did manage to get the Christmas tree up on Saturday with the lights, but the ornaments are still waiting.  I prefer to put them on during daylight and there's not much workable daylight during the week before and after work, so it will have to wait until this weekend.  This tree is getting very old though.  I swear we had as many "needles" on the floor after putting it up as we used to have with a real tree. But I really can't see going back to real at this point.  

So I hope you enjoyed the trip through the indoor garden.  It's nice to have blooming plants in the house and will be even nicer with snow on the ground in the winter when they really can be appreciated.


  1. These are all wonderful! Must looking at them makes me happy!

  2. Gorjuss flowers! I have one of those plants in the top photo. Mine is bright red. They are soooo pretty! I also have one of those plants in the second to last photo. The purple one at the back of the photos. Mine is hanging down the side on my pantry!
    Glad you are feeling better:-)
    Sunshine, NZ,

  3. You have so much blooming! I always wondered too about why Christmas cactuses got that name because I certainly don't think I ever had one blooming at this time of year. The little succulent fairy garden looks lovely, too.
    I always think it's so unfair that when one is home sick and has time, one never feels well enough to use it. Hope you're on the mend soon.


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