Sunday, February 14, 2016

Last Saturday

Hot air balloons in February!  Who would have believed it.  Our son stopped by before going to his refereeing job last Saturday as I was just getting up.  He said there were balloons outside and I thought I was hearing things but there they were.  He had seen 5 on his way here, but by the time I got outside only 4 were visible.  Such a pretty sight on a brisk morning.  

Just a little while later, the tree service was due to arrive.  This was the view before their visit.

And this is it after.  I was and still am sad about losing that tree.  Even the squirrels seemed confused.

The wood shavings from the chain saws littered the snow covered lawn.  

Some of it still remains frozen to the ground.  

Edited to add link to Our Beautiful World - this week's theme is UP.


  1. What a treat to see the balloons! Sad about the tree - even if it does make for more light. I hope you get some good fires from it. I've just been reading a book called "The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees" - it was most interesting.

  2. Perfect photos for our prompt ... they're fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing at OBW!!

  3. What a pity for the tree! I would have loved a hot air balloon trip!
    Thanks for sharing with us on Our Beautiful World. AriadnefromGreece


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