Thursday, November 12, 2015

Jingle Belles - Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding

Figgy pudding, or gingerbread, or cookies, or candy, or cocktails - anything gastronomically holiday.  I did a quick scan of my stamps to see what I might have that would be appropriate and I mean quick, because I kind of just checked what was out in the open and didn't dive into the "Christmas" stamp shelf.  Then I remembered the tray of holiday-related items that I had put aside.  I throw in the discards from my previous cards like ribbon scraps and diecuts that didn't get used and then I also have some stuff in there that was at one time package decorations. 

But after sorting through it, it was the Christmas Ale label that I really wanted to use this time.

I remember that my brother-in-law had brought a couple of bottles of that ale to our house a few years ago at Christmas and I painstakingly removed the paper label in hopes of using it for something someday.  The snowman is from a packet of tags that I cut out of a magazine many years ago.  The ribbon and velvet leaves were some of those things that were on packages in another life.  I gently pulled the plastic veins off the back of the leaves so they would be easier to work with on this card. And there happened to be some holiday candy buttons in there which I just could not pass up.

Since I had gone through that tray and found some other card-worthy things, I made another simpler one (not theme related).  That's a gold foil oval behind the angel button.  (These colors are not really looking that good on my computer, but IRL it's much better.) 

Now it's time to feast (pun intended) my eyes on what the other Jingle Belles have been up to this week.  Click here to join me.  


  1. Amazing how well the snowman and ale label go together, they both have a vintage feel perfectly in keeping with "figgy pudding". I guess I'm not used to seeing ales and beer packaging ;-), since I don't buy much and in work we rarely see the bottles or cans.

  2. That is one rockin' label and certainly worthy of being front & center on your awesome holiday card design ... so very gald you joined us at jingle belles.

  3. Loving the vintagey goodness here! You have pulled this off fabulously! Yum indeed! I so would have saved that label too!
    Shanna :)

  4. Great reuse of the bottle label, Lorraine, the snow man matches it perfectly.

    Love and hugs

  5. i am feasting my eyes, indeed! just when i was getting ready to ask WHOSE paper line that fun label came from... it's a *real* beer label!!! yikes, that's cool! (especially funny b/c every year of my childhood, my dad tried to convince us kids that santa didn't like cookies and milk that much & would prefer if we left out cheese & crackers & a nice cold beer, lol!!!) those candy buttons really take it over the top, as well! super-fun & super-inspiring as always! ♥♥♥ glad you joined our xmas feast at JINGLE BELLES!

    ps: i love the other card, too, that angel is really fab! ♥


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