Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Teapot Tuesday 167

Is this not the coolest teapot?  I'm really liking this because the story is all about a referee and fish.  Sound familiar to anyone?  Well, my resident referee is also a somewhat avid fisherman so this teapot fits him to a "T"!  Please do check out the story that goes along with this here

Our destination is a gentleman who is having some health issues but he's also a football referee and though his medical problem will prohibit him from reffing this year, he'll be administering classes to those that are just learning the craft.  Hmmm, I wonder if football officials have a "Cheater's Club" like basketball officials do?  

So our direction this week was to make a masculine card with black and white vertical stripes and/or a masculine card with horizontal rainbow stripes, and/or a masculine card with a fishing theme.  

What I've added here is not a fish on the blue label, but a whistle.  An official official's whistle which I borrowed from my resident referee and traced adding the embossed areas to show where the holes are - though I'm not sure you can see that in the picture.  

The sentiment is from Very Punny and is the only stamped part of this card.  Those little rainbow fishes are brads.  So I think I've got most, if not all of the directions completed.  (Hmmm, maybe should have sponged the edges of that label a little - oh geez, this is a guy card, he'll never know the difference!)

Off to the gallery.  Join me by clicking here.  


  1. Ah, but a guy who's married to a stamper - he might notice the difference! Mine would. On the other hand he'll probably be so taken with your cute brads and the whistle (yep, I can see the embossing) that he won't notice.

  2. Bwaahahaha! Yes, he won't know the difference! But I know he will notice the fishies and the referee stripes! This is the coolest girlfriend! Hey are brads? Who knew! And how fun that this card could fit into your hubby's life as well.....referee and fisher dude! That is cool. You did a great job on Chip's challenge!

  3. This turned out great. I know he will really appreciate getting a card like this. Your colors are perfect for a guy card. Hope all is well with you.


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