Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sharing Their Creativity

My blogging friend Dana sent me this wonderful Fall card.  She's recently relocated to Florida and is reacquainting herself with her creative muse.  She creates all the papers that she uses on her computer.  I told her that I love those little scarecrows on the background paper. 

And look what else she did - Paper Tole.  She cut out those image elements and popped them up and then beautified them even further by adding some glassy glaze. 

Oh, but she didn't stop at the front of the card.  Just look what I found on the back......

A little acorn faux brad.  She is really putting that muse to good use!  Thank you Dana.  This was such a nice surprise to get. 

I was also the recipient of another teapot tickle this month.  This one came from Rosalia. 

Look at that pretty pooch getting all dolled up!  Thanks Rosalia.  This is an awesome card!


  1. How lucky to get a card from Dana---so cute!

  2. Tee hee! Happy Mail! Whoot! Dana and Rosalia did so good! Both cards are wonderful and they could not have sent them to a nice person! You deserve all the happy mail X 42,000!

    Thanks for showing us!


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