Friday, October 7, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

I brought the better camera today and I was rewarded.  Of course, I'm sure they think I'm nuts.  It's not like I sit there staring out the window.  There's no time for that.  Plus, I can tell you that any daydreaming that I do would be shortlived with all the interruptions that go on during the course of the day. 

I did get to take a couple of steps further forward this time before he flew off, but aha, I saw where he went.  Almost right on top of me.  Right to the top of the flagpole!

That was the good.  Here comes the bad. 

A very little card I sent to a couple of co-workers who have been under a lot of pressure this last month since school opened.  Oh - it's been anything but paradise.  But I'll stop there or I might get myself in trouble.

This is the beautiful.  These came from the yard of one of our teachers and she put them on my counter so I get to enjoy them all day!


  1. Not just birds but sunshine too - a double bonus!
    The card made me laugh - it reminded me of our cats when they were scared or about to fight. But I'm sorry that your work is not a happy place right now. It really impacts on our lives so much.

  2. I wish I worked with you! Giggle! I love the birdies! Hey, dontcha know Lorraine that word has it in the birdie community that birdies become stars and get to be photographed if they hang out at your school! Ha!

    I got such a kick outa that card! Are you sure she wasn't perched atop that birdhouse thing you took a picture of and that is an action shot of her falling off? better not show those flowers to Sharon, are those hydrangeas? Lilacs? Sunflowers? Daisies? Well, they are beautiful what ever they are. They remind me of some of the cards at this week's teaparty!

  3. I was looking through my old photos albums, amazed that my low megapixel cameras did a much better job than my 12 megapixel SONY.

    What to do, what to do. bummer. Which camera did you go with? Point and shoot style or "wait while I get the knobs turned just right" type.


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