Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Love Surprises

After my Zentangle class on Friday night, I flew home (not with a broom mind you) and HWNSNBP and I grabbed a few things and jumped in the car to "get away" for the weekend.  Thankfully one of the things that I grabbed was my mail because I received a wonderful surprise - this beautiful card from Sabrina just because she was thinking of me

and .....

these wonderful beaded dragonflies and frog.  I am tossing about some ideas of how I am best going to use these treasures. 

 My cousin and I used to write letters back and forth to each other in our early teens - that was the closest thing to a penpal I ever had.  If you've ever corresponded with others by mail you know the excitement of finding that envelope in your mailbox, especially at an unexpected moment. 

I feel very fortunate to have made some wonderful friends through this blog and through my hobbies.  Blogging and posting on forums like Splitcoast have given me the opportunity to share myself and my creativity with others and to be the beneficiary of some works of great talent.  Not only do you occasionally get things in the mail, but every time you make a post there's the potential to get that feeling of excitement when you open up your dashboard and see that someone has left you a comment. 

Sabrina is a loyal visitor here and leaves me comments all the time, of which I am very grateful.  I am just so touched to have received one of her card creations (she knows my love of birds, can you tell) and these beaded treasures.  Thank you Sabrina.

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