Sunday, November 28, 2010

Busy Weekend

This was taken on Thanksgiving morning just as the snow we weren't expecting was changing over to a little bit of sleet, then a drizzle.  I had seen this rose blooming from the house the day before and remembering that the ones that I brought into the house last fall didn't like the warmth, decided to leave it on the bush to enjoy from a distance.  Despite the gentle coating of snow/ice, the rose is still blooming today (Sunday). 

It's been a busy few days what with the holiday and then pierogie day Friday (post to follow soon) - not to mention shopping.  We are trying to really simplify things this year and not go haywire with nonsensical gift items so the shopping hasn't been too bad.  In fact, I think, no I know, I spent more on myself on Black Friday than on anyone else.  But the items that I bought were not strictly impulse, so I feel good about that. 

So  here are some other projects I've been working on.   This is a card that I made using zentangles as the background.  I think I'll do some more similar to this in the near future.  I like the contrast of the color with the black design. 

And this little tree will be delivered to my cousin Barbara who just had back surgery. It is a rosemary tree and I made the ornaments using the Jolly Bingo Bits stamp set and some earring findings as hooks. 

 I punched the images out with a 1" circle punch and then daubered Creamy Caramel on the edges and then also a little of my gold shimmer paint.  Then I punched the hole and added the earring finding after I trimmed some of the hook down.

My cousin has been through a couple of rough years dealing with pain and this surgery is hoped to help relieve it so she can start enjoying things again.  She is so looking forward to being able to hold her grandchild due in January, without pain.  Over the last few years she has had her hip and both knees replaced, and just recently lost her beloved father.  She is the one who visits her elderly aunts and brings them little uplifting gifts - as she does to her close friends.  I have been the recipient of many of her generous little "Just For You" packages. 

If anyone reading this would like to send her a card, handmade or store bought, I know she would be thrilled and it would certainly lift her spirits.  Contact me for her address.

Well, I should be off and delivering this tree now.  She'll have the option of decorating it all at once, or using it as an Advent Tree and adding an ornament a day. 

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  1. Well, aren't you lucky to have had so little snow! C loves it - at the weekends - but hates having to use public transport to get to work, so at this stage he is vainly watching the weather forecast in hopes of a thaw. The rose is lovely - nothing in flower in our garden - except the neighbour's mahonia.
    The zentangles make (makes? a great background for the flower - it almost looks as if you'd been inspired by the rose :D.
    And that tree is dinky - the idea of using it as an advent calendar is what I'd go for, but the decorations are so cute it would be hard to resist hanging them up straight away. Do let me have your cousin's address, I'd be delighted to pop a card in the post.


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