Thursday, May 13, 2010

Teapot Tuesday 93

Whew!  I knew I would be late to this one.  I was attending a special stamping event yesterday and didn't get back home until about 1 a.m.   I'll have more about that later this week, but suffice it to say I needed a nap today when I got home from work.  That certainly helped refresh me.........a little. 

Our teapot hostess Cindy has a thing for Batman and she chose this solid black teapot for our inspiration and gave us another one of her creative stories to work with.  Here's the teapot..............

Even though, according to the story, Aunt Felicia doesn't like the color black, I couldn't resist the texture that was on the teapot and I added some to my card.  I had previously cut up an embossing folder - SU's Finial Press - and thought that the waves and points of it might resemble batwings (if you really stretched your imagination).   Then I took my Watercolor Trio stamp set and my Melon Mambo and Garden Green markers and added some pink honeysuckle around the entrance to the cave.  The pink flowers were so intense that it attracted a hummingbird.  The elusive Bat Hummer with pink pearl eyes.  I just hope that hummer doesn't get sucked into the bat cave. 

Do you ever have those moments when you're sitting and creating and you just get lost in thought?

I had two strong memories while creating this card.  The first was in regard to Batman.  When I was much younger, my sisters and I took dancing lessons and my parents would have to drive us there as they were held in a different town than where we lived.  My father would leave my two younger brothers with my grandparents and he would drop us off - my mother, my two sisters and I - at the dance studio.  Sometimes when he came to pick us up the boys would be with him.  Batman, the 60's TV series was very popular then and one of my brothers' favorites.  On the way home one night my youngest brother Michael found the Batman insignia as we passed an office building.  The way that the lights were focused on the building created a perfect Batsign over the front entrance with the shadows.  We were all amazed and had a great giggle when he started singing the theme song from the show.  He had to be all of about 2- or 3-years old at the time.  I don't remember ever passing that building again without thinking about that moment (or singing the song to myself in my head!). 

The other memory had to do with the honeysuckle.  As a youngster, one of my closest friends was a girl named.......... Cindy.  She is the one who taught me how to gently pull the honey out of the honeysuckle and eat it.  What a sweet treat!  Of course that honeysuckle was the common yellow variety that we can still sometimes find in the wild if the deer haven't devoured it.  I've always wanted the pink variety but we never got any and that was probably for the better. 

Okay, now I'm off to the gallery to take a look at the other Teapot cards for this week.  Why don't you take a peak with me?


  1. I thought the textured teapot was lovely, and you certainly managed to introduce elements of both it and bats on your lovely card with that rare hummingbird. Maybe it's nocturnal like the bats?
    Honey from honeysuckle? I've never heard about that before. I just love the scent of it - I think C thinks I can smell it from a mile away, because if we're out walking and it's in a hedge, I'll smell it long before him. Our neighbour has some that trails over our wall.

  2. Oh WOW this is sooooo pretty!!

  3. What a beautiful card.. I love the colors you chose. The two together are very striking. I think your memories are perfect.. They are what makes up our past. Great job......


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