Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spring Surprises

Look who's back!
HWNSNBP declared war on the groundhog after he found his dahlias decimated!  They were up on the pool deck so we know it wasn't the deer this time.  Time for the Have-a-Heart trap!
Taken at dusk - before full bloom the inside color of this peony is apricot - blooming it turns white. 
This rose bush was leafless by late summer last year and thought to be a goner.  Here you see it from inside the garden......
and two days later from outside.
The roses are in the garden which is quite a distance from the house.  One reason is because of my fragrance sensitivity.  This one happens to be particularly pungent (even HWNSNBP said so) but gorgeous.
Found this on the way to the Great Swamp plant shopping.  I want one!


  1. A bluebird!! How wonderful.
    Love all those flowers. I must say I love scented flowers, and here there are so many. Even yesterday when I was going to open the back gate I brushed against some lemon balm I hadn't known was there till I smelled it. There was a peony bush in full bloom here when we arrived, but it's all over already now.
    And those poor dahlias, oh my goodness. Maybe the corms will try again next year?

  2. Oh my I just had a blue bird like that on my deck... They are so vibrant and pretty.. Your dahlias...That would make me upset too.. Your yard is beautiful.. Like a sanctuary..Great pictures.


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