Monday, May 3, 2010

She Gets It

Our children think we're a bit off the deep end when it comes to our excitement over the bluebirds.  They may not be entirely wrong about that but we try to keep it in check.  Here's the nest as we found it on Sunday.......

"Now I know how you and daddy feel about those bluebirds."  This was the text message I got from Rachel this weekend after she discovered that the ducks outside her friend's place had 9 ducklings. 

You're right Chickadee - they are "so cute". 


  1. Oh no, I don't think you're off the deep end at all. But I wouldn't, would I!
    ps, I meant to say I suffer from crooked horizons too. But I think I tend to hold my head slightly to one side.
    And I think as cute chicks go, ducklings have to be one of the cutest.
    I am still so amazed at the blue of those eggs - will you be able to gather up any fragments to make a little mosaic?

  2. Oh I get it too Lorraine!!!! Can`t wait until its time for them to make their debut. Please keep us posted!! I LOVE our bluebirds!!
    Hugs, Judi


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