Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pictures from the Weekend

We trekked on down to Barnegat on Friday night.  The breeze was just cool enough to warrant a cover up, but it was also so refreshing.  Saturday morning HWSNSBP made a trip to get a new fishing pole and offered to go the extra distance to "The Scone Shop" in Point Pleasant.  He brought back a dozen of the most delicious scones and a small serving of homemade lemon curd.  I wish I'd taken a picture of them but I couldn't wait to dive into their deliciousness! 

Thankfully, my friend J and I had taken a nice walk that morning, and the three of us planned to do more walking at the lighthouse in the afternoon.  We couldn't have asked for better weather when we got there.  Just the right temp and a breeze strong enough to keep you cool as you walked.  We did some beachcombing and J found this.......

It's a bone of some animal we think.  I thought perhaps a skull of some sort, but I can't find anything like it.  If anyone out there has any idea what it came from please let me know.

Here are some more pictures......... 

I'm not sure what kind of ducks those are, but don't the eyes look cool.  And the eyes of the herring gull are pretty cool too.  There were many, many boats going in and out of the inlet (of course the horizon wasn't crooked, it was me).  Somehow I can't resist the way Mother Nature composes those little eye-catching groupings in the sand.  So random, yet beautiful. 

So we each found something this weekend - HWNSNBP found a great deal on a fishing pole, J found that wonderful piece of nature, and I found my lost pink nightgown on the hook behind the bathroom door at the condo!

I'll share some more pictures tomorrow of the garden at the lighthouse museum. 

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  1. How beautiful, peaceful and calming looking. I love the seaside. Hopefully we'll get some beach walks in when we mind my aunt's cottage for her later on this month. But the sand is nothing like as fine as it looks in your photos. One beach is stones, the other is sort of fine grit and pebbles, with a sandy strip at lower tides.
    That bone is amazing, the detail in it. The sea surely throws up some amazing things.
    The ducks look a bit like the shape of a loon, but what with so many of your species being different to ours, I wouldn't care to take a guess. Speaking of which, I thought that what we called scones were called biscuits over there? So I am slightly perplexed as to what the Scone Shop sells.
    Looking forward to your more pictures tomorrow :D.


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