Monday, May 10, 2010

After the Rain

Saturday morning HWNSNBP and I went to the Master Gardener's plant sale and managed to put a significant dent in the flower budget.   The sky was very threatening so we quickly paid up and took our plants home just as it started raining.  We were going to visit the Great Swamp Nursery again to pick up a Mother's Day plant for my mom.  They have gorgeous hanging baskets there - pricey, but the prettiest I've seen around and worth it.  I forgot to get a picture of it, but I chose a basket full of "Tiny Tunias" in all different colors.  They were cascading out of the planter and will flower continuously provided she waters it. 

Before we went to the Great Swamp though we had to make a quick stop at the Arboretum in Morristown so HWNSNBP could pick up his chrysantemum cuttings.  While he was doing that, I took out my little pocket camera and snapped some pictures........

Pansies and I think it was lettuce. You can still see the raindrops on most of the flowers.

These tulips stood above the pansies and lettuce and was a striking contrast to the colors below.

Mr. Robin I think was looking for some worms that might have been relocating after the storm.

The pansies seemed to hold onto the raindrops more readily than the other flowers.

This is Tradescantia Sweet Kate.  Another lime green/deep blue combination that was very striking.

There'll be more pictures later this week.


  1. Those green and blue combinations are amazing - I was wowed by the pansy and lettuce till I moved on down the page. And the wet pansy - it almost looks as if you'd added an art filter to it. A little bit of rain certainly makes things look good - even better when the sunshine is out afterwards.

  2. Gorgeous pictures Lorraine!! You need to check my blog...there is something there for you!! Hugs, Judi

  3. WOW what great pics!!! Great to see you last night and share in the fun at Dawn's party!

  4. So gorgeous!!!! We were hoping to plant this past weekend, but we had a sneaky snowstorm stop by this hopefully we'll get to plant soon! Thanks for bringing me a touch of spring!!!! :) Just gorgeous photos!

  5. These are gorgeous. I love your colors. You must have a wonderful little camera.. The pictures are so vibrant. Great job. I got all my flowers planted. I can't wait for them to grow..


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