Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Teapot Tuesday 50

The rooster crowed at midnight, or was it Midnight the Rooster crowed? Whatever. This week's teapot is a chicken afflicted with chickenpox - so says Cindy on her glob. We're invited to the party this week which will be held in the barn. We can bring our farm animals but pigs are VERBOTEN unless you go through the back door where there will be a check for H1N1 - better known as Swine Flu.

I found this striped paper which reminded me of weathered barnboards. It was something I picked up on a visit to AC Moore a couple of weeks ago. Who can resist pretty paper when it's on sale? Apparently not me. Using it up is more the problem!!!
Recently in the dollar bin at Mike's there were these barnyard animal stamps. I actually had them stacked on my table near where I stamp hoping to use them soon. So when I read that we could bring all our animals I knew it was meant to be.
This is called a waterfall card and although it may look complicated, once you have all the measurements, it's quite easy to put together.

My barnboard paper is attached to a Real Red background sheet and Real Red is used for the pull part and cross piece also.

You can see from the pictures that the rooster is the only one with color. That's because he is feeling much better after having passed along his chickenpox to the rest of the gang.

And........... I guess I'm going to be checked for Swine Flu at the backdoor because I couldn't resist adding my new pig stamp.

Are you coming to the party this week? Want to see what's going on in the gallery? Click here.


  1. oh just too cute! Love the card and love how you kept it in the story line! Very cool!

  2. shirley henry6/10/09, 4:34 AM

    This is one cute card!
    The pig may not have the flu,but I think he could have chicken pox!!
    Catch up with you soon at the tea party!

  3. shirley henry6/10/09, 4:37 AM

    This card is so cute!
    The pig may not have the flu,but I think he may have chicken pox!
    Catch up with you soon at the tea party!

  4. Oh my gosh! These are so cute! I love the images. I just bought a bunch of farm animal stamps at Michaels and I cant remember what they looked at. Maybe I even have them! Yikes!

    I hate to tell you this there girlfriend, but it just might be that you have a little epidemic on your own hands. All of your animals look like the have the pox! Hope the CDC doesnt find your blog. I wont tell them where it is!!!

    I am amazed but this waterfall thingy! Its so awesome!!!

  5. Love this teapot!! I love chickens!! What a wonderful card...love how you tied everything together!

  6. So cute!! I like how they all have chicken pox!!

  7. Foxy67 (Pat)6/13/09, 10:32 PM

    This is adorable. Very creative, and love your story.


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