Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Teapot Tuesday 49

Isn't this teapot cool! I love the shape of it, and the colors. Cindy says that it's pretty small. She also says that there'll be only iced tea and belly dancing at the tea party this week. You should go read all about it on her glob. And while you're there, click on the link she has to the teapot gallery. There's quite a crowd expected this week!

I'm afraid this scar of mine would scare the bejeebers out of everyone if I were to join in the belly dancing so I thought I'd get a tattoo to hide it. And of course, then I would need a jewel for my belly button. (No, I'm not really getting a tattoo. HWNSNBP would have a canary, or maybe even a pelican!)

Honestly, I love the shape of this teapot, but short of copying Cindy's card, I couldn't come up with something I liked in that shape. I thought of maybe doing something with a zebra, but nixed that. Then I happened to look down at one of the stacks, yes I said one of the stacks of stamps that I had nearby and saw this set - Baroque Motifs - sticking out. I think it was sending me a message. "Stamp me in black on white" it seemed to be saying. Okay. And then we'll go on from there. (Don't your stamps talk to you too?)

I sketched the shape of the handle and cut that out of Summer Sun CS. The orange stripes were added with my Pumpkin Pie SU marker. The center motif was framed in Real Red with 1/4" dots of Kiwi Kiss. And..... I did get a triangle in there. It's cut from Old Olive and the stripes were added with an Old Olive marker.

The finishing touch was the jewel in the belly button........... I mean, in the center of the motif.

Isn't this card pretty cool! I think it might make a good Father's Day Card for HWNSNBP. I'll just tell him that I decided not to get a tattoo afterall.


  1. Yeah! My stamps talk to me! They say, are you ever gonna use us? It's been so long!!! Hee!

    You did a much better job than me sketching out the snake! I really struggled with that! Yours is perfect, you stinker!!

    I love this card and how fun that the black and white zebra is there without being there! Like magic.

    I am with you. The closest thing I will ever have to a tattoo is a splotch of ink on my forehead that got there when I dropped something on the floor, bent over to pick it up, and stamped my head in an open stamp pad on the table, knocked myself out and when I woke up the ink on my forehead was dry! Stazon! Yikes!!

    Your card just rocks!! Like our bellies when you dance!


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