Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I've Been Teapotted, um, er, Pinned

I saw my son's Kindergarten teacher the other day. She's been retired for several years now, but every now and then she comes in to our school to drop something off or pick something up. We chatted for a while and she was glad to hear that my son had found a career and was doing well. He was, shall we say, a bit of a challenge at that age.

Afterwards I was thinking about his Kindergarten days and remembered that they used to play a game called "Teapot." (We used to play it as a drinking game called "Buzz".) It's where you sit in a circle and after having chosen a number, you couldn't say that number or any number with that number in it, so you would have to say "Teapot" instead. (As a drinking game this got funnier as you added switching directions and using multiples, etc.)

When I got home that day there was a clever little package for me from my Teapot friend MariLynn. She had made and sent me this adorable little teapot pin. Isn't it the cutest!!!!

Thank you MariLynn! You are one of the cleverest people I know. (We call her McGiver over in the teapot gallery because if she doesn't have something she draws it, or prints it out, or makes it from scratch. Go check it out!)

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