Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Day on The Road

Yesterday HWNSNBP and I decided to take a ride. He wanted to check out something "down the shore" and held a carrot under my nose so to speak. If I agreed to go with him I could visit all my "haunts". Having been cooped up in the house for the better part of the last seven weeks I thought this would be a nice change. Of course it meant going according to his time schedule but I can live with that.

We left nice and early and were able to take care of "his business" right off. So after we picked up some soft pretzels at the Pretzel Factory, we were then able to proceed to the $Store. Yes, I know, I'm a big spender - not, but I can't resist the bargains you can find at the dollar stores and this one happens to usually have good stuff. I did find some things for upcoming holidays and some other odds and ends while HWNSNBP sat in the van with the gardening catalogs making his list of what to order.

After the $Store we headed down to Tuckerton to visit the Lizzie Rose which is an old Victorian home converted into a tea room and gift shop. They have actually stopped serving tea there and have a new place right next door. We weren't going to have tea - if you remember, I get him to go to one a year and it's usually during vacation, besides, I thought that might be asking too much of him after all he's been doing for me lately. I did go into the gift shop and was looking for a tea pot. Why? I don't know. I certainly don't need any more. But when I saw this little winner I had to have it. I had looked at this in August when we were on vacation and decided against it, but IT WAS ON SALE. Sale - yes, it was reduced to a very reasonable price and I decided that it should have a home. Tell me what you think?

Then I wheedled my way into getting to go to the group of shops behind the Tea Shop. I knew there was a scrapbook store in there and I was looking for some paper with pigs on it. He relented and we went in. It's kind of like a little indoor mall inside this building with little shops in all the different rooms. I went into the scrapbook store and sadly didn't find anything but then I struck gold. There was a new shop - well new since I had been there last in August. It's a STAMP STORE!!!!! I could feel the excitement as I stepped through the doorway. Minutes later HWNSNBP found me and once he saw what they were selling just rolled his eyes and said "I'll be in the car".

The name of the store is One Little Spark and I had a nice little chat with one of the owners. They have a very nice selection of stamps and stamping materials and they also have a calendar full of classes. After picking out a couple of stamps, I told him that I would definitely be back.

From there we went to Costco. Costco you say?! Yes, well, we needed to make a pit stop before the 2 hour drive home and well, we hadn't really had lunch. This is a fairly new Costco and of the several times that we have been there is not at all crowded which is nice. You can walk around and not have to worry about human or cart traffic. Of course they had their sample stations up and running. And after sampling every form of salmon that they sell there (it's Lent remember) HWNSNBP was no longer hungry. Me, I had the sample of fruit and nuts and a little biscotti. We bought a soft drink and were on our way home. I got to nap both ways this time (I needed it).

So as HWNSNBP says "we had a very productive day". Aren't I lucky he let's me indulge!

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  1. Wow! What a nice trip you had! I know what you mean about having to trade off with hubby, I will visit this motorcycle shop if you will let me stop at this stamp store! Snort! How fun that you found a new stamps store!

    And this little teapot is da bomb! Its such an incredible little sweet thing!

    How funny that its strawberries!!! Weren't we just talking about strawberries at the tea party this week......I am glad there were not two, you have done so much for me already!!!!! Its just precious! What a great find! I know what you mean, there are some teapots that you just can't pass up. I can see that this was one of those! So happy you got it!

    I am happy you got some nice naps in too! Hubbys are good for driving huh!

    This is so precious!


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