Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Creativity Still on Hold

Well I'm home but I'm not getting around too well yet. It was a complete hysterectomy and all looks good but results will be waiting till next week. Anyhoo, some of you were wondering so I thought I'd post an update and apologize to my blogging buds that I haven't forgotten about you. Just trying to get my concentration and whatnot back together. Thanks for caring!


  1. oh thanks for letting us know! My prayers are with you for good results and a speedy recovery! Looking forward to you getting back to your old self!

  2. Glad to hear the surgery went well. Your blog posts are definitely missed, but just concentrate on yourself and getting better. I'll keep you in my prayers for good news on the test results.

  3. I have been missing you! I cannot wait until you can get this behind you and get back to your old self! I miss you!

    There is a blank spot in the blogging world where you used to be and definately a missing person at our tea parties!

    Hang in there girlfriend!

  4. Here's the thing: I pulled up all my friends who also have stamp/card making sites and yelled WHAT IS WRONG!! SHE'S HAVING SURGERY!!! and everyone said "WHO IS?"

    splat.......And now I know. Gee, thanks for the heads up. Now give details. We ALL have things go wrong that need to go out of our bodies, I've lost an entire COLON!!! GONE!!! Among other body parts, and you keep this to yourself??? How selfish. I care dammit.

  5. Lorraine, I'm crossing my fingers and saying a prayer for you that everything goes well. Sorry that you had to go through this. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Take care.


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