Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Teapot Tuesday Challenge 14

Simple elegance in a shimmery white teapot. This is our inspiration piece for this week's Teapot Tuesday Challenge. I visit Cindy Motherway's glob on Tuesdays to see her brilliant creation - you should too!
This will be a lovely evening Tea Party and there will be lots of lovely lanterns hanging from golden cord. The golden fireflies will be drawn to the glimmering lanterns. The ladies will be dressed in white. There will be the slightest hint of roses in the air. White tea infused with rose hips will be served in brilliant white porcelain cups. Here is one of the lanterns.
I used a piece of glossy cardstock for the the lantern. I cut a strip 2" x 8" and then scored every 1/4 inch. Then I folded, and folded, and folded. Since it was more than one layer with the folds I had to cut out the circle with my coluzzle. The background is not stamped - it is a piece of origami paper that I found while looking for something for a totally different idea for this card. The layers are Brilliant Blue and Ballet Blue. I used the Zig paint pen to outline the edge of the Brilliant Blue cs. The flower and it's center are from the Pretty's Kit and the lantern is hung on gold stretch elastic cord.
Please take a few minutes to visit Cindy's glob that I highlighted above and check it out. I linked her Teapot Tuesday page, but scroll down below the comments to the HOME link to the present date and you can see the many beautiful creations that Cindy has shared.


  1. How could you be too late for the tea were in charge of decorations and *ambience* this week! And what a wonderful direction you sounds wonderful with white rock......and the link, thank you for the link!

  2. This is SO cute! I love it! REALLY really adorable Lorraine!

  3. Your blog is lovely! I like your teapot challenges - such a cool idea!

  4. What a neat idea - I like these teapot challenges!

  5. This is gorgeous, I wil have to try it out!
    Thanks for your sweet comments about my cards!
    Hugs from Sunshine


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