Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday CPR (Chatter, Prattle, Repartee)

I've decided to start a "weekly feature" called Friday CPR (Chatter, Prattle, Repartee) in which I will bring you a snippet or synopsis of a conversation or observation from the school office I work in. I deal with students/children, parents, teachers, and administrators on a daily basis. Sometimes I think that I will really need CPR because these people "kill me" with their wit, or lack of it, their compassion, or lack of it, and their wisdom, or lack of it. Who would have known that a school clerk could have such a life or death job!

This week I had a conversation with a fifth grade teacher:

"I'm thinking of getting a pet for my classroom. Can I have a pet in my classroom?"



"Just kidding. What kind of pet were you thinking of?"

"Something soft and cuddly. My doctor has a cat in his office. How about a cat?"

"I don't think so. Get a hamster or a gerbil?"

"No, they remind me of a mouse. Maybe I'll get a turtle."

"You can't have a turtle because they carry salmonella. Ask the nurse."

"Oh no? No turtles?"

"Yes, no turtles. Why don't you get a hedgehog?"

"A hedgehog! Hedgehogs aren't soft and cuddly. They have spikes."

"And a turtle is soft and cuddly? Get a fish. Someone here had a fish tank they were giving away."

"I want to give the students a responsibility. I don't think fish are enough of a responsibility. Are you sure I can't have a cat? Even if I keep the door closed? My doctor has a cat and they keep it in the office with the door closed."

"Oh yeah. I bet your doctor has mice, or he had mice."

"No. He doesn't have mice. They have a nice cat that stays in the office."

"Wait a minute. What kind of a doctor keeps a cat in the office?"

"You weren't supposed to ask that question." (She says as she's backing out the door.)

"Oh no? Come on. What doctor are you talking about?"

"My vet."


  1. Being in the same field as you but with teachers who deal with students that are older here was mine today.

    "Do students have to cite pictures they use for projects or when they post it on a web site?", asks the teacher.

    So I asked, "Have you checked out the web through search to see if there is anything about it out there?"

    "Yes, but I can't find anything."

    So I type "cite photos" and I get a lot of information. "Well, it appears there is quite a bit here on the web about it."

    "Could you send the web site address to me?", he asks.

    "Sure, no problem. I will email it right now to you. You are the computer teacher, right?"

    And to answer the original question: if you did not get the picture from a site that allows you to take what you want, you need permission to use pictures and after you have permission you have to cite the photo.

  2. So tell me, is there a cat in your future??

  3. Deb, I wonder if you could get teacher's pay if you gave him a little spelling lesson - did you try "cite" and not "sight or site"?

    Dana, I'm trying to get the principal to approve a chicken. That way we could have breakfast now and then.

  4. This is hilarious! Wonderful feature!

  5. That was so funny! I have a class bunny, and we let him out of his cage most of the day. He is so used to us, that he just goes about his business. (Yeah, we are constantly cleaning up after him) We are working on the kitty litter box. :-)


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