Saturday, January 6, 2018

Birds - Water - Shark

Our friendly neighborhood bluebird has been either having an imagined fight with a foe that exists in his reflection or is so smart to know that HWNSNBP keeps the suet cake in the truck (in a plastic bag) overnight so the raccoons don't abscond with it.  I'm tending to think it's the latter because they're not confrontational as a rule but they are smart!

New Year's morning, on our way home, we drove along the bay and honestly, I thought these poor swans were dead, but they were just sleeping.  The temps here have been beyond bitter - the lowest they've said in the last 30-40 years - and the day before the water in this particular area was not frozen, but in less than 24 hours here are the results.  We wondered if they were trying to keep warm by burying their feet in the mud there.  I guess we'll never know, but I do hope they don't succumb to the weather this winter. 

And so here is how I segued from water to shark.  HWNSNBP was determined to make something for our little guy for Christmas and since they live near the water (and enjoy Shark Week) he got the plans and parts to make this shark whirligig.  The painting was my only job.

We had it undercover under the tree on Christmas Eve and when the little one saw it, of course he wanted to play with it and quickly figured out how to pull it out of it's temporary stand.  The funnier thing, which unfortunately I didn't get a picture of, was when we put it back in the stand and he tried to climb onto it to ride it!  

We know he'll enjoy looking at it spinning it's fins and twirling around out the window behind their house.


  1. I'm baaaack. 2017 was horrible to the point of being suicidal. I can no longer use my right arm. I'm amazed at how NOT a lefty I am! It affects EVERYTHING and I got in such bad depression I said "It all goes to the dump!" (meaning all my craft supplies) But Joe realized some organization might help. He bought a chest of drawers and threw out my IRIS carts. Surprisingly, although it took 5 full days, everything fits inside the chest and the chest fits in the closet. The duplicates (glues, ribbons, punches) all fit in an over the door shoe holder that I nailed to the wall since my closet doors are those that fold on tracks. I still doubt I'll ever make a card, but Joe is willing to turn the crank on the Cuttlebug.

  2. Great bluebird photo!
    We had a big freeze about six years ago, the first time I've seen the canal frozen and the smaller lakes in the park. Beautiful...but not fun for the waterbirds.

    And what a wonderful gift that shark is. Handmade gifts like that are a real heirloom.


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