Sunday, November 19, 2017

Swans on the Bay

I had to share the pictures that I got of the swans at the bay beach at the end of October.  I went there looking for the sunset, hoping to get a better view from the boardwalk there.  The clouds were not cooperative and I almost walked away....... and then I noticed them...... well, actually my attention went to a car full of  people that pulled up and caused me to look in their direction.  There on the beach were the swans peacefully milling about.  I watched as two of the younger children in the group from the car walked out towards them.  Some of the swans took to the water.  Others just walked a little further away.  

I couldn't believe how beautiful it looked with it's wings poised as if in a balletic position.

As they joined each other again back on the beach they went through a series of head motions.

Two of the people from the car were teenagers and they were dressed in formal attire.  There was a woman with them, I'm assuming one of their mothers.  Apparently they had come to the boardwalk hoping to get some pictures with the sunset as the backdrop.  It was their homecoming dance that evening.  The woman approached me and I thought she might want me to take some pictures of them, but instead she asked if I knew how to pin on a boutonniere.  They had been struggling with it and weren't having any luck.  I gladly took the flower and pin and pinned it on him.  

They thanked me and I looked over towards the swans who had entered the water together again...................


  1. Hi Lorraine :) Those are some beautiful photos...Birds of a feather...they are graceful pretty birds! Funny, our dog Marlene does the same head motions when she's ready to eat, we call it "goose necking" lol! Our lakes are all frozen over these days!

  2. Beautiful graceful swan photos. Nice of you to help out with the pinning.

  3. Swans are always so photogenic, aren't they! Whether it's the grace of the curved wings or the fun attitudes they strike on land.


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