Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Jingle Belles - Stars and Stripes

Here I am again squeaking in by the skin of my teeth.  This week's Jingle Belles theme is Stars and/or Stripes in honor of our countries birthday on July 4th.  I managed to come across some paper that had both stars and stripes (even though the stars are 8-pointed, they still are stars). Finding the extras to put on the card is what took the longest, but I'm pretty pleased with it.

My skills photographing lately have been challenged.  I've been using my cell phone and holding it level isn't the easiest thing to do.  The sides of a rectangle sometimes come out all cockeyed if you're looking down, but trust me, the card is a rectangle.  

I had to put a service call in today for our brand new copier in the office because when they set it up last week when I was out, the tray the paper feeds onto was all cockeyed and when I said that to the service desk, the woman laughed at me and said "no one uses that word anymore".  She said she was going to put that on the report to see if the technician knew what that meant.  Tell me I'm not that old that the word cockeyed has become obsolete.  Next they'll be telling me that they don't know what catty corner is or there is some alternate meaning that I'm not aware of that is questionable.  Ugh!

Anyhoo,  time to visit the Jingle Belles to see how everyone celebrated the 4th of July with their Christmas card.  Click here to join me!.


  1. well, maybe i'm a cockeyed optimist (who's exactly the same age as you lol!) but i thought cockeyed was still totally a word. but then i also still use "higgledy piggledy" too, so i might not be your best witness in the trial of what's still considered current slang. :)

    meanwhile, no one could have anything but positive and awesome adjectives for this beautiful, starry, stripey, amazingly fab card! thanks for rockin' the stars and/or stripes with us at JINGLE BELLES! ♥

  2. Love the combination of elements in this card ... such a fantastic design (and not the least bit cockeyed) ... so very glad you joined us at jingle belles.


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