Friday, July 28, 2017

ICAD 2017 - Week 8 - Days 50 - 56

Week 8 - Themes - Optional
I tried a new technique to me on these first two cards - printing with bubble wrap.  Unfortunately the bubble wrap I had on hand at the time had bigger bubbles than I would have liked for the first time. That being said, I'm not disappointed with how they came out.  I used stamp pads and when I try this again I will be using some Color Burst or Brushos.  Stay tuned for a card in the future with a bubble wrap background.  

Days  50 - 56 - Prompts - Optional

Day 50 - Sun or Moon - I chose Moon
I used the insides from security envelopes (HWNSNBP was going to toss out and I rescued, though I do have a pretty good stash of these somewhere I'm sure).  I used some new metallic markers for the lettering highlighted with a Micron marker.  

I hope you can see the faint face of the Man in the Moon done in colored pencil.

Day 51 - Swim
This is a watercolor which started off as a card I was cleaning my aquabrush on.  The two shades of orange reminded me of fish as I was doing this so I just kept adding more and more strokes.  Then I went back and added the water and eyes.  (Someone said this would make a nice scarf - what do you think?)

Day 52 - Adjective - I chose VERDANT as I used all the shades of green KOI watercolors.  The flowers are tissue paper and the butterfly is cut from another piece of index card.

Day 53 - Mirror
This was an experiment of sorts. The background is made with Prima watercolors.  The line drawings were done in mirror fashion.  After I taped down the corners lightly I held pens in both hands and had my non-dominant hand mirror what I was doing with my dominant hand.  This can be done with two people, but I didn't even approach HWNSNBP with a request for help.  It would have taken too long to explain, I just know!  Oh, and I stuck with straight lines this time.  If I try it again I may just be venturous enough to add some curves.  

Day 54 - Greetings From.........
The Jersey Shore
I still had that fun map of Cape May around and on it were advertisements with graphics that I cut out.  Also in my stash was a gift card holder from Christmas Tree Shoppes which provided the beach scene, big lighthouse and shell.  I used all these elements to collage a postcard.

Day 55 - Sepia
Using a sepia toned Koi watercolor, I started painting these shapes, layering them back to appear as they were overlapping.  Then I took a sepia Micron and added some linework to the swirls.  Lastly, I used metallic Prima watercolor to fill in the blank spaces between the shapes.  I wish you could see the little shimmer in it.

Day 56 - Ghost or Zombie
I was combining this card with the Scribble Picnic challenge of CURTAIN which I found out too late has been postponed until next week.  This is watercolored.  I used some brush pens and a gel pen for the title, a Micron for the author/illustrator info, and some pencil shadows for the curtains.  Can you see the ghost?  I think I might have to work on a story to actually go with this.  There are a few ideas haunting me.

Five more days to go.  


  1. So funny that you have illustrated a book cover with no book! Yes, write the story for your grandson...
    My favourite is the Jersey shore one, so full of seaside memories. Great take on the mirror theme, I wouldn't have thought that laterally. Love that you added a man in the moon, I wouldn't have thought of that either. You are always so creative, Lorraine.

  2. Thank you Sabrina. I'm going to at least try to jot some ideas down. Writing a children's book is on my bucket list believe it or not!


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