Saturday, April 15, 2017

Thanks for Helping Me Grow Tags and Cards

Our grandson will be changing "classes" at daycare soon - he's growing so fast.  My daughter-in-law Michelle asked me to make some cards and tags to go along with a little gift she is giving his caregivers.  She wanted the theme to be "thank you for helping me grow".  

I knew I had plenty of flowery things to work with, but I didn't have a stamp that said exactly that.  So I took a quick look through Etsy and found these little charms at Findings For Less.  I think they look pretty good and she loved them.

The daisies are a Susan's Garden die and a little labor intensive, but I don't mind doing that kind of work.  I gave them to her with a choice of green or white ribbon to use to tie them on.  

Michelle is adding these to a special gift she is having her cousin Sara make.  Sara is a pyrographer and you can see some of her work here.  


  1. What a blessing to you all that he is thriving so well - he certainly looks happy and sunny. And the cards and tags are beautiful.

  2. I love those little flowers . . . and that face!!! What a cutie!

    1. Thanks! He's a character. He didn't like his cake - he cried. He loves his medicine though. Go figure!


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