Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Color Burst Thank You's

After the holidays I try to put together some quick Thank You's for the gifts we get in the office from staff and parents.  I picked up some plain white cards that had "thanks" embossed in silver on the front.  I thought I could doctor them up a bit and give them a wintry feel.   

My first attempt was to use my Color Burst powders sprinkled on the front and spritzed with water. The results were mixed and what I wound up with were cards that had paint both on the front top and inside top. (Not to mention the mess on my hands and in my fingernails - but it was worth it.)  So I cut the fronts off and mounted them to plain white cardstock.  I added silver glitter diecut snowflakes.

Then, not wanting to make a mess out of the rest of them, I added the powders to a tray and used them as watercolor paints, adding the color just to the side opposite the embossing just barely blending them.

And I then added those glitter snowflakes, which if I might say, were not the easiest to diecut out of glitter paper.  I found that even though I ran the die through the Big Shot several times and used a special cutting pad, the die didn't always go through the paper.  But if I carefully pulled the plastic layer off the back, they were easier to pop out.  And they do look pretty, don't they?

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