Thursday, December 29, 2016

Enrichment Day

The last day of school before our winter break is usually a single session day, meaning we have a day with just enough hours to give us credit for a full day without it actually being a full day.  On this day our middle school does a special event - an Enrichment Day.  Teachers are asked to sign up to teach enrichment classes instead of the regular curriculum classes.  These are meant to be both informative and fun.  I was lucky my principal gave me release time to be able to teach a zentangle class again this year.

These are the tiles our 11 students completed.  In the second part of the class, which is held after I return to my school to prepare for dismissal, the students also completed some ornaments which I had left for them.  They were a very good and focused group and got some very good results.

The teacher who is responsible for creating and organizing this day always prepares a little welcome treat for the presenters.  

This is my example of the 3-D tangled ornaments.  They are made from regular copy paper.  The pattern is available here at Hattifant (scroll down for the free pattern or purchase preprinted patterns). You decorate the three strips, score the curved lines, cut out the strips, weave them together (I used tape to hold the rings together - you won't see it), and push in the scored areas.  The link also has a video for construction.  I printed out the blank page and encouraged the students to use their own tangles to decorate them.  Unfortunately, I did not see the finished projects as I had to return to work, but I'm told they did a great job.


  1. What a wonderful idea! Love the ornaments!

  2. Those ornaments look really lovely. So do the tiles...I still have the tangle piece you sent me on the fridge door. It's great to see that you can share your love of it and hopefully inspire some of the students.


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