Sunday, October 16, 2016

BIrds of Great Bay Blvd.

I mentioned in an earlier post that on Pirate's Day we went on a little exploring adventure. HWNSNBP and I had taken a ride a couple weeks earlier down a road we had never been down before and wanted to share it with our friends.  The road is called Great Bay Boulevard and it takes you through the nature preserve and it's waterways out to the Great Bay.  

I had a selfish reason for wanting to go back - I hadn't brought my camera with me the first time.  I only had my cell phone camera which can be good for some things, but I don't find it particularly easy to take pictures with it outside as I have problems seeing what's on the screen when there's a lot of sunlight. 

So, armed with my camera(s), we drove and drove and drove down the road.  At points on this road there are traffic lights.  Why would you think you would need traffic lights on such a lonely road? Well there are several one lane bridges with no visibility to the other side as they are right near curves in the road (who planned that!).  So you must obey the lights and wait and see if there are any cars coming your way or certainly there would be a stand-off at or on the bridge. They have signs that prohibit fishing off these bridges but clearly this person on the bridge can't read.

So when we got to the end of the road there was a little barrier of shrubs and small trees between the road and the bay, and since we stopped this time, we noticed that there was a path that went through the vegetation to the beach so we took it.  

There was one lone plover scurrying around the beach.  And when I say beach I mean there was about 15 feet of sandy area before you got to the water which I'm sure changed as the tide changed but for that day there was enough of a beach to walk on and explore.

All along this road were grassy marshes and they were full of birds.  

I've always wanted a picture of this white bird in a tree and finally I got one.

Down another nearby road we found all these birds - mostly cormorants - just hanging around.

And seagulls flying overhead.  

Great Bay. Great Bay Boulevard. Great birds. Great friends. Great day!


  1. I looked at this on my phone and then waited till I made it upstairs to look again and leave a comment. Well worth going back with your camera and letting us share in the sights. The last photo looking up through the gull's wing is wonderful and amazing - almost like an x-ray till you see the bit of colour along the edge and where it joins the body.

  2. Well done at getting some pics of the white bird in a tree! He looks way too big to be landing on a tree branch! But he is gorjuss! Do you know what sort of bird he is?
    Sunshine, New Zealand


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