Monday, August 1, 2016

ICAD 2016 - #57-61 and Wrap-Up

This is the third year I've done this challenge and I think it's the first time that I've finished on the last day.  It's both a happy and sad occasion, I think.  I'm happy that I completed it but finishing also means that there are no more prompts to look forward to and also that the summer is quickly coming to a close as tomorrow will be August already.  

The last prompts......

July 27 - Stickers - I'd been carrying around a sheet of these sticker dots that I found while tidying up my desk at work. They were originally for some filing, but I don't use them anymore but of course, I couldn't just throw them out.  So I decided to use them for this challenge and added some gel pen to connect the dots.

July 28 - Graffiti - This is rather simple but it fits the prompt. I dry embossed the bricks with an embossing folder and then swiped the card with a stamp pad in the brick color.  Then I took some acrylic paint and added the peace sign.  

July 29 - Hopscotch or Tic-Tac-Toe - Off prompt this day.  We had a big storm blow through here on Monday and we didn't realize until the next day that a branch from our neighbor's tree fell on our cable line and pulled it away from the house causing it to hang precariously low over their driveway prohibiting them from coming and going.  HWNSNBP call Verizon - our carrier - and after almost an hour-and-a-half on the line waiting for and then talking with a representative they told him that since we still had service, it wasn't an emergency and we would have to wait until Thursday as there were many people without service at that time.  He fought with them explaining that to our neighbor's it was an emergency since they couldn't leave their yard.  They finally agreed to come the next day - Wednesday by this point, sometime between 8 and 5.  Of course you know that they showed up at 4:55.  Then the repairman said that there was another problem.  We thought that the two lines that were hanging were our cable and phone lines, but it turns out that the second line was from our previous cable company - Comcast - and Verizon is not allowed to touch Comcast lines, even if we no longer are a customer.  So, now it was my turn to call Comcast and try to explain to them the situation.  A long story to tell you that while I was on the phone with them, I was doodling on an index card and decided to use that as my card for the day.  

July 30 - Sorbet -  Raspberry and peach would be two of my favorite flavors so I did a little drawing in marker and then added the watercolors.

July 31 - Path - I used my Koi watercolors. When I posted it on Facebook today this is what I said:

This path shows no beginning and has no end but it is illuminated much as this creative journey has been by the sharing along the way of ideas, techniques, support and the pleasure of viewing some wonderful art. Thank you Tammy for guiding us along the way. And thank you to this group for being so generous and supportive with your likes, and loves, and wows, and wonderful comments along the way.

I love the way the colors blended.

I don't think I posted this picture of the cards from the month of June.

And here are all of July's cards.

And of course, the entire set.  

Not only did I enjoy expressing my creativity through this challenge, but I also enjoyed trying new techniques and using both new and favorite products.  It was great fun to follow all the other ICADian's on Facebook.  I received many wonderful compliments on some of my work and I saw some jaw-droppingly beautiful creations by others.  A big thank you to Tammy Garcia of Daisy Yellow for hosting this challenge!


  1. Oy, time on hold, no fun...even with a great doodle at the end of it. I once had a phone company which, after ten minutes or so on hold, automatically cut off and called you back according to your place in the hold queue. I'm torn between the sorbet and the path as my favourite... in the end I think it has to be the path for all the symbolism.

  2. Now that's a challenge and you certainly did a great job, Lorraine!

  3. Wow! I love all your ICAD cards, you did well!
    Verizon and Comcast sound very much like companies here:-( It's so frustrating having to wait so long for them to come and fix things.
    Enjoy summer while you have it! Mine is coming..slowly!
    Sunshine, New Zealand

  4. I love all your ICAD cards . . . and the pictures of them all together. Especially like that peace sign. :)

  5. I love icad challenge. Congratulations! You did a great job with the the cards.



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