Saturday, July 30, 2016

ICAD 2016 - #50-#56

We're coming down the stretch with less than a week to go with the ICAD challenge.  Here are my next set of cards.

July 20 - Paisley.  So I tangled some black paisley shapes and then colored in the background with black marker.  Then I added a few white paisley's with a gel pen.  This can be very addictive and meditative too and I probably could fill pages with this pattern alone.  Don't be surprised if I return to this sometime in the future.

July 21 - Purple or Violet.  I went through my scrap box and pulled out everything that was purple or violet and decided on these to make a one staple collage.  

July 22 - Staircase. I'm sure that I could have used this last week for the Wordplay prompt but I didn't think of it until this week.  Keeping it simple.

July 24 - Fortune.  As luck would have it, our office is getting a face lift and in order to do this, we had to move out to another room in the school.  While putting away things on my desk I ran across this fortune.  I had to laugh when I read the fortune. Fastidious - not!  Washi Tape and cardstock in addition to the fortune.

July 25 - Aquarium - I lightly drew the form of the octopus and then I used some Stabilo markers to do the rings.  When that was done I erased the pencil and covered the tentacles with a VersaMarker and then clear embossing powder, several times.  The VersaMark ink on this grade of paper was not the greatest.  It seemed to absorb into the paper even though it did hold onto the powder to allow embossing.  I'm not quite happy with the ends of the tentacles where it shows up the most.  But overall, I like the way this came out.  

July 26 - Olympics - I used an SU die for the rings out of card stock and inks in the same color for the waves behind them adding some dashes with markers of the same color.   

July 27 - Text or Texture - Well there are both here, but out of all my cards (even the unfinished superhero one) I think I like this least.  There is text from a dictionary page that I folded over on itself for texture, but that didn't really fly so I added a strip of cork.  The flag is an ice cream cone wrapper and the baseball and logo are from the packaging on a key we had made.  These things were in my scrap bucket and I guess I'm glad that I got to use them.  


  1. FUN cards! I especially like the "aquarium" one. I wasn't sure at one point if I would get all 61 cards done . . . but I finished! Fun challenge. Have a great day!

  2. The staircase is brilliant, I love that sort of visual wordplay. And I like the paisley...but perhaps it's not a surprise that the bird one is my favourite. I hope that you are recovered fully from your fall by now.


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