Friday, July 22, 2016

ICAD 2016 - #43-#49

This was a hard week.  Not because of the prompts, well, yes there were a couple that I perseverated over, but I wasn't quite feeling myself after falling off my bike last Saturday and I was trying to get some things ready for our Merry Fishmas party coming up so bear with me on some of these.

July 13 - Mint - Talk about frustrating!  I asked Siri (my phone search app) to find me pictures of mint and she kept finding me the definition of the word "meant".  When I say the two words I clearly hear a difference but apparently Siri does not.  After several tries she finally did give me three pictures to choose from and I chose this overhead view.  I used some Brushos and my new KOI watercolors and a white gel pen.

July 14 - Rainbow-making Machine - I thought about and thought about this one.  I tried something with my new POSCA pens but I didn't really like either of them.

Then I thought some more and came up with this.  I gave the sun a kind of steampunk look and smashed the cloud into the center to have the rainbow burst forth.  Again - the Koi watercolors and a Micron pen.

July 15 - Play on words - I meant to show my original thought and try at this but I think it got destroyed somehow, or I used it as a brush cleaner or something.  I had drawn some cubes that I intended to paint to look like ice cubes and that almost worked, until I tried to added the "P's" - it was supposed to be a play on "frozen peas".  So instead I painted some flowers in shades of blue that I thought I might use for the upcoming monochromatic prompt, but the flowers needed some greenery so this card was used for an off prompt for the day.

July 16 - Lighthouse - spending Saturday in Barnegat one would think that the Barnegat Lighthouse would be my subject matter, but I've drawn/painted that one before and as much as I love it, this lighthouse is one of my favorites.  The East Point Light in Heislerville - which I drew based on a photo I had taken and colored it with Prismacolors.  

July 17 - Monochromatic - I used my Peerless watercolors to do this.  If you're not familiar with Peerless watercolors they are pigments on a card just a little bit longer and a tad narrower than an index card.  You just touch your brush to the card to pick up the pigment.  I used an aquapainter and pulled out all the blue cards.  When I was done it reminded me of a stormy sky over the ocean, especially since they were reporting an unusual water condition at our Jersey beaches making them look like tropical waters.  

July 18 - Aurora Borealis or Australis - This card was a brush-cleaning card that I thought I might be able to pass off as an aurora borealis, but looking at it, it was too splotchy and not enough like the smooth ripples that one would see in an aurora.  But as I looked at it desperately wanting to see something "magically" appear the only things that I could see were heart shapes.  So I outlined them with a Micron marker and somehow they now were balloons or bubbles and I got lucky and found a quote that would fit with it.

July 19 - Super Hero - Alas, this is unfinished and I don't know that I will finish it so let's just say that it's a pencil drawing of Wonder Woman's headgear and a meme about her.  

So.......... let me get on with the party preparation and maybe I'll find a few minutes to work on today's prompt!


  1. Love all your ICAD cards! I hope you are ok after falling off your bike? Damage only done to the bike, I hope?!
    Have a great weekend!
    Sunshine, New Zealand

  2. Oh my - I hope you are doing ok! Wonderful cards - I love those blue flowers and mint leaves! have a wonderful day!

  3. Oh, ouch - I'm sorry about the fall. Not fun...
    I love the mint one - and the very first one with the prompts. The lighthouse one is wonderful - with the texture from the paper, it makes me feel it would translate to an embroidery very well. The off-prompt one is amazing - I am sure it's flat, but it looks so textured as if you had used Liquid Pearls or something like that, very intriguing.


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