Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Creativity on Hold

Well, it's finally happening.  It's finally coming together.  This is what it looked like about 3 weeks ago after shelves and another table and much "stuff" were taken out.  That which you see is my work table, a ribbon cart, and a punch cart.  There's a dresser in there somewhere and my ink storage.  No peaking under the table (for there is more stuff there).  The walls were patched and the colors were tested.  And just for reference the color chosen is just left of the corner that's in the center of the picture.  

Time to sand and then paint the ceiling meant covering everything with plastic.  (Did it keep the dust out?  Not completely. But it did keep the paint off.)  Four coats of ceiling paint later (don't ask) - HWNSNBP was ready to do the walls.

Did I mention there was patching.  (And I still found tack and staple holes after he painted.)

Some of the shelves were relocated to the stair landing.  Up and down the stairs moving all those stamps.  Please don't judge me - I know there are way too many. Next project is to unmount those on wood blocks to free up more space.  I already have the cases and mounting foam waiting.

Other shelves were relocated to the hallway - paper, embellishments and a lot of miscellaneous. And more was put in the other bedroom - I could open my own craft store I think.  

What was left in the room is rotating around while the new floor is being installed.

The paint is like a chameleon - it changes color in different light - at least it seems that way.  I'm sure you're thinking it looks a lot like the original color, but trust me, it is not.  Is it the "right" color? Almost.  I was aiming for a more Tiffany Blue.  I just could not seem to find what I had in mind but this is close enough.  I'm not as bad as Mrs. Blandings.

And the floor is laminate.  HWNSNBP has been a good sport about this.  I know he's itching to get outside to play in the yard but this had to get done.  I know I am itching to get back in to get creating again.  Right now I've commandeered the dining room table and it's not pretty.  

There will not be a lot of wall space visible when this is done.  There will be shelves galore and a counter top in the far corner (where you saw the paint samples earlier).  I'll be able to bring up my laptop and the tv will be mounted above that.  

I found some ideas online for a work island too made from some of the same shelves that we are going to put on the wall which will be yet more storage.  

Am I excited?  Yes.  But I also wear myself out just thinking of all the work that still lies ahead. Those shelves aren't going to move back in with all the materials on them.  I'll have to empty them again and reshelve everything and try to organize it in a coherent manner at the same time.  Sheesh! Like I said, I'm tired just thinking about it.  But I know it will all be worth it in the end.

Now tomorrow I have to try to remember where I put some things to make a birthday card for this weekend.  Fingers crossed.


  1. I can see why you are excited . . . and you do still have a lot of work to do, but it will be worth it. Remember to also enjoy the process! Have a wonderful day!

  2. As much as I hate renovation, I do love painting, it is very therapeutic for me, and I know exactly how you feel, even after cleaning my craft room and change things around a bit, I often cannot find my stuff, LOL! Have fun!

  3. Just take care of your back with all that moving and lifting, so that you can enjoy it once it's all done. And it will be beautiful. I'm not a huge organiser, but there's no doubt that it makes things go more smoothly when everything has its place and is easy to find.


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