Sunday, January 24, 2016

Photo Challenge/Photo and Quote

A snow day literally and figuratively falls from the sky - unbidden - and seems like a thing of wonder.  Susan Orlean

Blue jays in the blizzard.  Locally 27.5 inches were recorded.  It was hard to get a precise measurement here with the winds.  HWNSNBP stuck the yardstick into the snow accumulating on top of the picnic table outside the back of the house, but once the winds picked up, the snow became more drift-like.  He and our neighbor were out several times during the day to use the snowblower on the driveways.  The snow stopped early last night and they were able to take one more pass this morning and then got the shoveling done.  They're not youngsters anymore so I worry that they'll overdo it (as do my children who were texting throughout the day cautioning their father to take it easy).  The streets are barely passable today so school has already been cancelled for tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful photo's, and I am glad you are ok:-)
    Sunshine, New Zealand

  2. beeeeeeeeeeeeautiful!!! ok, possibly even MORE beautiful if viewed from hawaii. and not sitting next to a window that faces our still unplowed driveway, despite the plow guy SWEARING he'd come in the night when texted for the 3rd time at 10pm. know any plow guys in raritan missus??? cuz i have a vacancy!!!! :/ grrrrrrrrrrr...

  3. Beautiful photos . . . I especially like the one of the bluejays (our school mascot) and I love the quote. I have been wondering how you weathered the storm - and you get a snow day!!!!

  4. My favourite is the jays too - it's so atmospheric. I think that one would make good computer wallpaper! But I do love the still silent feel of the garden one, and I remember thinking how much fun it was seeing the ducks on ice when the canal and lakes froze here - so I like the geese ones too.


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