Friday, January 29, 2016

Photo Challenge/INSPIRATION

Sometimes I think that I have too much inspiration around me which becomes overwhelming.  But I do get inspiration from many sources.  This picture shows a color inspiration.  Red and white items I've either bought or saved/salvaged from the trash.  It's not that I'm cheap because I can be inspired to start a project knowing that I'm going to need to buy some kind of special tool, or invest in more of something than I'll actually need if I really want to do it.  But I have to admit that I do get a lot of inspiration from the dollar store, the Dollar Spot at Target, and the now $1.50 bins at Michael's. Somehow I don't mind if I've plunked down a couple of bucks at those places if I don't actually let the inspiration evolve to fruition.  

These things pictured are a prime example.  The chevron paper bag, the gingham fabric bag, and the spool of red and white striped grosgrain ribbon are all from the Target Dollar Spot.  The bag of white paper shreds, the white and red ribbon bow, and the red snowflake ribbon are salvaged from Christmas gift packaging.  The most expensive thing you see here is the spool of red and white baker's twine that was still a bargain at 60% off at the Crate and Barrel after-Christmas clearance.

Using red and white as my inspiration I can turn these items into, maybe, a birthday, Valentine's Day, or Christmas project.  They could be the basis for a red and white themed card challenge.  I might add some buttons or sequins, or even pick one thing of another color to showcase with these colors as the background.  

Color and pictures, sounds and words, smells and tastes, and textures are representative of our five senses and all very inspiring.

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  1. You are certainly always so creative with odd bits and pieces, and it amazes and inspires me the way you come up with ideas to use things I wouldn't even think of keeping. Great take on the "inspiration" theme, too.


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