Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Teapot Tuesday 186

Another cool teapot don't you think!  Like a giant cupcake.  So much so that this week we are asked to include cupcakes, or cake, or party paraphernalia, etc. on our cards.  They will be going to a young man who  has had some recent health problems but who is going to be delivering them to the hospital that he stayed in to be used for other children there.  What a nice thing for him to do.  You can read all about the challenge here and the destination here.

I like to make interactive cards for children, so with that in mind I scoured my stamp choices and came up with this tag stamp that has a little cupcake on it.  It's from a retired hostess set.  I stamped, punched and colored four of them.  Then I got out some square punches, a little round one, and a button and made the spinner.  

See, it really does spin!

The mitered corners on the tags made them fit together so well over the square.  I punched a 1/2' hole in the square before I glued the tags on it.  I positioned the spinner on the card where it would be centered and then glued down a button that was a little smaller than the punched hole remembering to push it all the way to the top of the circle so the spinner would remain centered.

Then I added the spinner and glued the remaining squares on top of the button.  Wheeeeee!   I hope they have a lot of fun with this. 

And speaking of fun, it's going to be fun checking out all the other creations for this week's challenge.  Won't you join me here?


  1. Oh that is an adorable birthday tea pot! And your card is amazing! That must have been quite a lot of work with the moving parts and all!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment : )

  2. What a great idea!!!!! Love that this card spins!!!!!!! I also really like the color combo!
    I also wanted to let you know a very special box arrived!!!!! Thank you so much Lorraine - I can't wait to decorate this little piggy :)

  3. The spinner will make this a much loved card - and the candy colours are gorgeous. I evidently need to catch up in the TPT gallery as well as here!


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