Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Birthday - You're Making Me Old!

My son turns 31 today.  He is tall, strong, smart, and handsome and I am very proud of him.  He is also engaged to be married this coming October to a wonderfully accomplished and beautiful young woman.  We are so looking forward to celebrating their new life together.  

These are a couple of photos they had taken for their engagement which I haven't shared yet.  (But have permission to do so.)

And the card that I made them for their engagement which actually happened in May.  He proposed at the beach, they had the photos taken at the beach, and they will be married at the beach.  

Happy Birthday to my 6'4" two-legged mouse.


  1. Tall - you're not joking!! I used to mind my best friend's little daughter at one stage, and she thought her 6'4" must be the tallest man she knew. She was amazed when I showed her a photo of DH, her dad, and another friend all nicely graduated in height with her dad in the middle.
    What beautiful serene peaceful colours in the card.

  2. Lovely photo's Lorraine, truly!

  3. Love this beachy card!!!!!! So pretty and such soft colors! Congratulations on the engagement - what beautiful photos!!!!! :)


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