Sunday, December 25, 2011

Jingle Belles Wrap Up

See this box?  This box is the very box that held all my Jingle Belle cards for 2011.  It also held any other Christmas card that I happened to put together during that time. 

Look at the top of the box .  This angel kept guard over my creations up until a couple of weeks ago.

I had all my cards done - 48 in all (some where multiples from a particular week which made up for some challenges that I missed). 

There were so many that I could not get them all into one picture.

And the lighting wasn't the greatest - sorry!

But you see them here before I sat down to add the sentiment to the inside and made sure that I had an envelope that would fit each one.

There were a couple of them that needed special sized envies so I am making a note to myself to try to keep within standard card sizes for 2012.  I'm also noting, to myself, that I should add the sentiment and set aside the envelope as I go along so as to save even more time when getting ready to mail them out.

The selection, signing, and addressing of the envelopes were all jobs that I passed on to HWNSNBP.  I had taken some time during the past month to sit down and notate the Challenge week number on the back of each card (another thing that I'll do as I complete them next time) and I made up a little slip of paper that explained a little about the Jingle Belles challenge and a "fill in the blank" for him to include the week number along with a link to the searched list of Jingle Belle challenges in case the recipients wanted to see the rest of the cards.  It was noted on the slip that the cards were chosen at random, which they were for the most part except for the ones that had been previously requested or specially made. 

I'm so glad that I found the Jingle Belles Blog last December because this was fun to work on a Christmas card almost every week and a relief to have all those cards done by this December.  There will be another challenge this year with a little bit of a difference to it, but for the most part, we will be Taking Back December once again.


  1. Your Jingle Belles box is a brilliant idea. Your cards are so festive and jolly!

  2. I was certainly thrilled with my card - as I'm sure were all your recipients :D. And don't you have a lovely box to keep them in!! Mine just get piled into an old shoe box.

  3. Wow -- you have been so busy this month, Lorraine!


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