Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October Bluebirds

Look up once and a while and you may be surprised what you might see.  I certainly was today as I looked up from my computer screen at work and saw these lovelies posed and waiting for their picture to be taken.  Usually, by the time I get out my camera and walk out of the office to the lobby they'll have flown away.  That was not the case this morning.  They didn't even budge when I, as quietly as I could, opened one of the doors to get as close as I could to take these pics.  I think they were just happy to bask in the sunshine that we briefly had today. 

I only carry my point and shoot with me to school so they are a bit grainy. 

What are the chances of them visiting again tomorrow I wonder?  Maybe I will stash my better camera in my bag just in case.  It is supposed to be a nice day I think. 


  1. Something like that just brightens the whole day, doesn't it. I hope you get lucky again today, but at least you looked outside at just the right time yesterday.

  2. So awesome! Do you ever not have your camera with you?


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