Saturday, September 10, 2011

Double Anniversaries and Pink Saturday with a Little Bit of Rambling Thrown In

My cousin and her husband and our dear friends R&L have anniversaries at this time of September.  I have been so busy with getting ready for school to start that I almost didn't get these done, and really, if I hadn't been able to sleep and gotten up early on Thursday I don't know if I would have them done yet!  More about that in minute, but first to the cards.  They each use the image from Easy Events which I stamped onto Whisper White cs that had been embossed with my Designer Frames embossing folder.  I cut one of them out and tore the other.  As you can see, one of these cards is done shabby and the other sharp.  The pink layer has a motif from Elements of Style stamped in VersaMark ink to give it a subtle impression. 

How did I choose who got what?  I put them in my work folder in my bag and while we were waiting for our buses to arrive (more on that too) I addressed the envelopes in alphabetical order by last name and then reached into my bag and pulled them out one by one, thus determining which one they got.

And since it's Pink Saturday, I thought I share this 97 cent bargain that I got at Wal-Mart - new lunch containers.  Not leak-proof - ask me how I know - but what do you want for 97 cents!

I liked them so much I bought a set in blue too! 

So this week was the start of school here in our town.  The teachers came back on Tuesday and the students on Thursday.  On Tuesday, after the big district meeting, the teachers came back to the school and we had out annual "Hot Dog" luncheon.  This is possible, largely in part to the fact that I can borrow a hot dog roller from a friend.  When HWNSNBP went to pick it up the night before it was determined that it had been borrowed by someone else and not returned so a delivery to the school the next morning was arranged.  Thankfully the person delivering it remembered in the nick of time that it had to get to the school and got there because I was in a little bit of a panic wondering how I was going to cook 50+ hot dogs one at a time in a microwave and set up and serve the rest of the lunch!  But all was well and all enjoyed.

Since we had lost power last week for two days I was so behind on getting my teacher folders ready and there were 25 boxes of school supplies that had to be unpacked and stored in the supply room, so I wound up staying late on Tuesday and Wednesday to get that all done.  (Thankfully, HWNSNBP came in and helped me unload those boxes!)

On Wednesday night it started raining - heavy rain!  So heavy that HWNSNBP was up and down most of the night checking the pump in the basement and again had 2 going at one time.  Which is another reason why I was having a difficult time sleeping.  We got at least 6.5 inches of rain.  And when he went to try and get a cup of coffee in the morning (yes, I have a coffee pot, a Keurig at that, but that's a story for another time) he could not get through.  He came tramping up the stairs and banged on the bathroom door declaring that I had about a 10 minute window of opportunity before I wouldn't be able to get out of the street and get to school.  So I busied myself and thanked my lucky stars that I had had the forethought to pack my lunch the night before! 

I work about 2.2 miles from my house.  On a normal day it takes 8-10 minutes to get there.  It took me 25 minutes on Thursday.  This was due to the fact that there were many streets that were flooded and loads of traffic from people who were trying to find a way to get where they were going. 

Our school bell rings at 8:30 and at 8:30 there were exactly 0 out of 9 buses in the bus lane.  They came in in dribs and drabs along with the phone calls from distraught parents who were still waiting at bus stops or had seen the bus just pass them by and wondering if they should drive their children in to school.  Ring, ring, ring!  The last bus arrived at 10:15!  Not your typical first day of school by any means. 

Well, I was exhausted and actually got in bed well before I usually do hoping to get a good nights' sleep.  That wasn't to be.  I started having terrible pain in my lower abdomen and after trying to deal with it for about an hour and a half I had to wake HWNSNBP and we went to the emergency room. 

I'll spare the details and just say that I am fine now.  It was a case of cystitis and a bladder spasm the likes of what I've never had before.  Hey, but I got the good drugs!  Well, some would say pain killers are the good drugs but I personally hate taking any of them because the side effects are longer lasting than the pain. 

So my second day of school turned out to be a sick day. 

I am taking it easy this weekend - no running around.  The only thing planned is to meet my son's future in-laws for dinner tonight.  I think I'll be eating light!


  1. It's another Pink Saturday...and I pray each one of you will have a great week-end..and even some pink sugary fun! God Bless you

  2. Floods!!! I missed that, being out of the loop. I was wondering if the condo had survived Irene without any damage. Sorry that you're still having problems in the house too, and that you had such a fraught first day of school.


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