Saturday, September 24, 2011


This is the card I made for HWNSNBP for our 34th anniversary today.  It's not easy making cards for men.  I didn't want any flowery stuff and I had already used the birds and cages for his birthday and lighthouses in the past.  Then I thought about these chairs and hearts.  The background is run through the Big Shot with the Herringbone embossing folder and then I used the text stamp from French Foliage very lightly on the raised areas of the embossing to give it some contrast and add to the texture.  The smaller hearts are made using the owl punch.  The sentiment comes from Teeny Tiny Wishes.

These dahlias below came from our garden.  One of the few things that survived the crazy summer weather.  The purple one is about 6 inches across.  The pink ones will be linked to Pink Saturday

I was reminded today, when HWNSNBP brought them in the house for me, of the time our son Christopher, then all of four years old, was invited to a birthday party for our neighbors' twin girls down the street.  I took him to the garden and had him help me make two little bouquets for them from my flower border.  He asked why we were doing it - making the bouquets - and I told him that girls like it when they get flowers.  After pondering this for a bit he stated his observation.  "I get it" he said.  "You bring girls flowers until you get married and then you make them grow their own".  Very logical for a four-year-old.

So that was not the only thing that HWNSNBP shared with me today.  He told me that there was something he wanted me to see outside by the shed and to bring my camera. 

They're called stinkhorns and they were about 6 inches tall.  And yes, they look like what you think they look like!  And boy do they smell.  Apparently those white puffs close to the ground will also become, um.... erect in the next day or so.  (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)


  1. Happy Anniversary for yesterday. I think that's a great card - and I know what you mean, I find it hard to make suitable anniversary cards for DH. But that one says it all.
    The pink dahlias are just beautiful - I love the apricot blush in them, and Christopher's early logic.
    Whatever about the summer not having been great for flowers or fruit, it's a great autumn for fungus here too. That's not one I'm familiar with.

  2. Well, Lorraine! Your post started out with the most wonderful card! A beautiful, awesome creative card made for a man. Your attempt to keep the girly girl stuff out of this card was a huge success, nice but not feminine.

    Then the flowers, beautiful! From your garden with a wonderful 4 year old story!! You slipped a little...reverted back to some girly stuff in those camera shots! But that is okay, because you are allowed!

    But then, you made me proud! You took it 100% BACK to being totally, 100% masculine! About as masculine as can be! You even managed to erect the most appropriate words to describe a picture so manly as this!

    You faltered a little but in the end you came through in a wonderful hugely manly way of looking at things!

    Happy Anniversary to both of you! Stay away from the shed today. Just saying, that is what I would do!!

  3. Oh, your card is so fun, he'll enjoy it! And I get those same disgusting mushrooms...I had no idea what they're called, I never even thought to look them up. Only our stems are PINK....and they are GROSS. I pull out the little round things before they have a chance to get any uglier!!!

  4. I think that the chairs make a great card!

    Love the dahlias and even the fungus - I am a retired science teacher and love all of Nature - even the gross and disgusting stuff!

    Thanks for your visit!

  5. Happy Belated Anniversary Lorraine!!!! I love your adorable chair card :) How creative to add the hearts - too cute!!!!! Hope you had a very special day!!!!


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