Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teapot Tuesday 160

Oooh yeah!  Look at that sweet teapot.  And you bet there's a sweet story to go along with it.  Just click here to find out. 

I got my cheater's e-mail as we were getting ready to go away, but I wanted to get this card done.  It was going to be about birds.  Do I have bird stamps?  Yes?  This should be easy. 

I usually print out the picture of the teapot and the story so I can take it with me up to the stamp castle.  Well, my printer is acting up and relying on memory alone - which can be a little tricky when you're trying to remember if you've packed your nightgown, or calculating how many pairs of underwear you're going to need - was how this got done. 

It had to be quick and geez, look, I did it so quick that I forgot the bird cage(s)!  And, I really didn't remember seeing the part about not bringing fluttering birds, although what is fluttering on this card is not exactly a bird.  So I think that I am definitely coming in the back door at the party. 

The stamped birds and owl along with the net made from the birdcage stand come from the SU set Aviary.  The flying pig comes from somewhere else that I just can't remember right now.  The sentiment is hand written and in case you can't read it, it says "You're gonna need a bigger net!" 

I have to go check out the gallery soon because I heard that there may be some bluebirds there!

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  1. Bird stamps! You could fill an aviary with them - speaking of which, that little net is so sweet. I'd never have dreamt that you'd improvised it, although I was well aware there was no butterfly net in that set. This made me smile so much :D.


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