Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Teapot Tuesday 157

Cute, cuter, and cutest!  Aren't they though?  I don't know where Cindy keeps getting all these wonderful teapots, and I don't know how she keeps coming up with such intricate stories like this week's (click here), and oh, my gosh - her cards!  You have got to see her cards (click here ). 

I read the challenge and the challenge translation and I think I totally was off-base.  We were supposed to make cards in the colors of yellow, green, and blue and I thought that meant all one of those colors so this is what I did yesterday.............

I had recently received a package from an order I placed on ebay with The Guilded Bee Paperie haberdashery and in it was a sample of this bright green striped ribbon that I built this card around.  The bottle cap in the middle of the bow is actually a pin that can be removed and worn (oops, I forgot the Crystal Effects - thank goodness I haven't mailed it yet!). 

My intention was to make a card in each color of the teapots - green, yellow and blue and I was on a roll last night and then the heat got to me at about the same time that I dropped the multipurpose platform from my big shot edge side down on the instep of my foot - OUCH!  So I came downstairs to post my card and I looked at the gallery and realized that I totally misinterpretted the directions.  Everyone was making cards with all three colors, not just all of one color.  So I decided to rethink it and came up with this..........

I used the same stamp sets - Circle Circus and Rough Type but you can see the second one combines all the colors.  Strangely enough, the tissue paper trim also comes from that same etsy purchase.   It had a layer of red also, but I gently peeled that off to keep with the color scheme.

The letters for the word SMILE are attached to the trim with strips of paper that I folded like springs keeping them well above the trim, but able to flatten out nicely to mail.

This week our cards are being directed to an organization by the name of Hugs and Hope Club for Sick Kids.  If you click on the link that I gave you for the story thread you will get all the information about that club and maybe you'll decide to make a card to send to a child yourself.  (Aww, come on - you know you don't have to make a card to send a card!)

My card is going to a little girl by the name of Emalee in Pennsylvania, though I found out that for the next couple of weeks she and her family are staying in New York for some treatments for her illness and I'll mail it there.

So, are there any takers out there?  Takers to take the challenge of the Teapot and the Destinaton Station?  


  1. Such cute teapots and great cards to match. Wonderful destination, too!

  2. I'm glad you mentioned how the heat got to you. In Indiana we had a fantastic AC that kept the whole house COLD. Here? The 15 year old AC manages to keep the house HOT with an electric bill of $300!!!!!

    Last night while making a card in the craft cave, I felt "things" running down my neck. ARGHHHH Is it a pack of rabid spiders????

    No. Large drops of sweat.

    Kinda takes the joy out of what you were enjoying. lol

  3. LOVE all the frill on your colorful smile card! I am also very inspired by your bottle cap pin! So cute and clever!!!!! I might have to try that one :) Hope your foot is feeling better - those platforms for the Big Shot need to come with a warning label ;)

  4. I'm only slowly getting through the TPT cards this week. I wasn't sure either whether we were to go monochrome or use all three, but since any rules are usually broken anyway, I decided that it didn't matter. The first one is a lovely girly card, the second one is so much fun - the smiley background is cute.
    Sorry about your foot - that must be SORE. I use my Wizard on the floor, so it's not going to happen, but I can't cook on the floor.


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