Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blue Monday - Retirement Wishes

Morning Glories - I love the color of Morning Glories.  I always have as far back as I can remember.  The only beef I have with Morning Glories is that they take so long to flower.  We plant them early and they climb and climb and climb and it isn't until August that they begin to flower.  And, when they do bloom, the blossoms face south as does the back of the house, so to get the full effect, you have to be standing on the other side of the vine.  This particular blossom was underneath the vine and the picture was taken later in the day when most of the flowers were closed which is why they are named Morning Glories - because they are most glorious in the morning.  I think that Morning Stars would have been a good name also.  As you can see there is a star in the blossom.

The pool noodles seem to be giving me a message.  With the night temperatures dipping into the high 50's and low 60's, the daytime pool temp has dropped to a chilly 68 degrees - a little bit too cold to enjoy.  Makes me a little sad because that means the pool will be closing soon and this is one of the only ways that I have been getting any relief from this hip and leg thing. 

Our Mailman is retiring tomorrow after 30+ years on the job.  I don't know exactly how many years he's had this route, but I do know that it's been for most of the time that we've lived here.  I thought that deserved a thank you and a wish for a happy retirement. 

This little mailbox and the bluebird are from Picnic Parade (retired).  I stamped it onto watercolor paper and used my aquapainter to color it.  I stuck to a red, white and blue color scheme. 

Maybe you remember the little mailbox stamp holder that I picked up at the flea market last month - well, we decided to fill it with stamps and give it to the mailman.  That will keep him from having to go back to the post office for some time after he retires!


  1. Pretty bloom.

    I'm sorry that Blue Monday was over before you linked in. It opens at midnight each Monday and closes after 11:00 PM that day.

    Maybe next week.

    Happy Blue Monday, Lorraine!

  2. You are a thoughtful person for the mailman to have had on his route. He will love the card.

  3. I love morning glories! The remind me of my granny! What a nice and thoughtful thing for you to give a card to your mailman! Wowza...thats allotta mail delivered! Always love your pictures...got a kick out of the noodles....would be nice to have the pool all year long! Wishful thinking!


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