Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 2 - Passion

Something I'm passionate about - bluebirds!  Ah, but they're not there right now.   I have heard them singing in the morning outside the house, but I have not seen one since the clutch fledged in early June.  This is the nest box in the garden and how it looked today.  The red bee balm is in full force and there are some black-eyed Susan's beginning to bloom.  Uh oh!  I see a gooseneck - darn, I thought I got rid of all of that very invasive plant.  More to the right there are some purple, pink, and white rudbeckia blooming as well as some blue balloon flowers and some spikes of liatris. 

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  1. Your bee balm is so pretty. It reminds me of my very first liitle house I owned. I had a little garden in the back. This looks so peaceful..great picture..


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