Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jingle Belles 29 - Reindeer Games

I've had this stamp for a while now and finally put it to use in our Reindeer Games prompt this week.  This is quite a mish mosh of things that I had that just kind of came together, although I'm not quite thrilled with this card.  Too much space to the  left of the deer's head.  I think I will put a Merry Christmas or something there. 

Anyway, I was happy to use the stamp and the new Memory Box twig wreath die both of which I picked up at One Little Spark in Tuckerton.  The paper was a recent purchase at AC Moore and the Christmas tree ribbon just happened to be in my eyesight as I was searching for the stamp. 

It's still a suana up there in the Stamp Castle, er, Stamp Suana.   And it's not going to cool down anytime soon.  So I'm going in and prepping things and then trying to finish them downstairs where it's cooler.  A little exercise going up and down the stairs.  Can you call it Stamp Aerobics I wonder?

Okay, heading on over to see the other "Reindeer Games".  Click here.


  1. well i respectfully disagree with your "not quite thrilled" feeling towards this card... i actually *AM* quite thrilled with it, so there! i ♥LOVE♥ the reindeer, the combination of patterns, the cool doilies, the gorgeous ribbon, and well, everything. :) and that cool twig wreath not only fills the space above the reindeer, it very cleverly draws the eye back down thru the ribbon, across the card and up to the reindeer again. brilliant! ♥

    ps: i am chuckling over stamp sauna and stamp aerobics! you can hold weekends and call it "stamp-n-spa"... it'll probably be the NEXT BIG THING!!! :)

  2. What a lovely card. I love everything about it and you should feel thrilled with it. I love the memory box twig wreath die. This adds such a nice touch.

  3. I love those fun little holiday lights in his antlers ... what an adorable image ... so very glad you joined our jingle belles fun.

  4. This is beautiful. I am wishing I was ahead on my Christmas stamping. I have only done one a month. I need to kick it up. It is a sauna here too. I sweat enough to lose weight in my room. Stay cool.

  5. I have to echo Lauren's comments; I think your card is fabulous as it is, and I, too, got such a chuckle out of your "stamp sauna/aerobics" remark.


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