Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow Day


It snowed Tuesday night.  I didn't have to wear my pajamas inside out, sleep with a spoon under my pillow or flush ice cubes down the toilet to assure a snow day.  The weather forecasters got this one right and school on Wednesday was canceled the night before.  I would say we got a little more than 6 inches and it stopped before we woke on Wednesday.  The roads were pretty much cleared by noon and HWNSNBP and I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things.  It would have been the best time to get your weekly shopping done as there weren't very many people out, probably because the stores are usually crazy with people the day before the storm.

We had many birds at the feeders and under. The blue jays above kept the cardinal below away however.  You can see him way at the top of the hill in the oak tree.  He ventured down to the suet feeder when the jays left. 

 On the way back from the grocery store I snapped this picture of the brook and bridge down the street from us. 

And here is the polar bear that has been inhabiting the backyard since the holidays.  Looks like he'll be there for a while.

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  1. Oh Lorraine, how lovely - your jays are certainly much prettier to look at than ours. And the photo of the brook is fantastic. I was hoping for something like that when I went to the park on Christmas Eve, but nothing doing...And I can't believe the contrast of the cardinal in that snowy background. It makes me want to see one in real life more than ever. I hope you enjoyed your snow day! How nice to have had work cancelled the night before, too - I think that adds a sort of unexpected holiday feel.


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