Monday, December 6, 2010

Check One More Off the Bucket List

Andrea Bocelli in concert - December 4, 2010

This summer HWNSNBP and I made up a sort of bucket list, not that we're, either one of us, planning on going anywhere, but we thought it would be a good idea to put down on paper some of the things that we wanted to do with the rest of our lives.  I won't share the whole list, but part of mine was to see Andrea Bocelli in concert and HWNSNBP came through with the tickets. 

We took the train to Newark Penn Station and walked to the Prudential Center from there.  Most of the walk was indoors which was nice given the temperatures these days.  We entered the building and took the mammoth escalators to the mezzanine.  I have to say that our seats were a little scary.  Made me a little dizzy actually and I'm not the one with the acrophobia. 

This was a picture I took with my cell phone.  I don't like to travel with a big bag when I know we'll be in cramped quarters, so I usually just bring what I can fit in my pockets and the camera stayed home.   As you can see, we were pretty far away, but I had said I didn't care where the seats were, I just wanted to be in the building to hear him.

I guess it was kind of apropo that we were up so high because the music was heavenly.

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  1. Oh Lorraine - lucky, lucky you! He's been in Dublin, but concert ticket prices here are usually what I consider silly money. Con te partiro is probably the last of C's non-album purchases. That's an evening to remember for sure. Well done HWNSNBP.
    posting Barbara's card today - with all the early starts last week I didn't get round to it, and we have no Saturday collections.


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